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asian camp kiss
I remember this random Tike scenario came to me one night, and I seriously couldn't get it out of my head. I'm almost done with this, I just need to basically wrap it up, but my muse kind of ran away from me, but hopefully put this here, will give me a bit more motivation to finish.

Not to mention the fact that I still have another two Tike fics in process. One with angst & smut, the other with fluff & smut. There really aren't enough Tike fics out there and it really makes me sad. :(

"Tina," Mike says, and he stretches the syllables in her name. "Baby, come on. I need to finish this."
Tina's placing small kisses on his neck. She finds his pulse point and scrapes it lightly with her teeth, and then runs her tongue over it to soothe it. She then moves her lips up to his ear and bites down gently on his ear lobe. She hears him groan and lightly shudders, and can't help but smile.
"Finish it tomorrow. It's not due until Friday, anyways." It's Tuesday night, and he's more than three quarters done with it, so she doesn't feel that bad about it. Plus, Mike's parents won't be back until at least 1am, so she's definitely going to use this to her advantage.
"Baby, we also need to brush up for the Brainiacs." Mike says while moving his hands to grip her hips. It's cute that he keeps listing things they need to get done, like it's going to make her stop or something. (It's not.) Tina grinds her hips against his, making Mike curl his fingers into her hips and a low moan escapes the back of his throat.
"Tomorrow," Tina whispers against his lips, and then kisses him deeply, their tongues battling it out.
She feels him squeeze her hips one more time before they move down to her ass and under her skirt. He kneads her cheeks roughly and pulls her closer to him, feeling his arousal. (She really hates herself for wearing tights right now.) Tina moans into the kiss and runs her fingers through his hair; lightly tugging on the ends while moving one of her hands down his back and gathers up the fabric of his loose t-shirt to give her a little leverage and try to bring her even closer to him.
Mike breaks the kiss and hisses, "Fuck, T," and snaps his hips up to meet her and fuck, she loves wearing skirts. She swore she felt her thigh shake with that one, and then let's out this little whine from the back of her throat and starts kissing her boyfriend again.
Mike's hands move from her ass to her sides and then eventually with one on the center of her back and the other one on her chest. He lightly scrapes his thumb nail over one of her nipples and Tina automatically arches her back into the touch, and moans loudly. Despite the fact that he does this over the thin layer of her shirt and bra, she feels a jolt straight down to her core. Tina decides to move her lips to his neck and the nibble on his ear because she knows how much he loves that, while she swivels her hips in a delicious rhythm, trying to ease the tension that’s growing inside of her.
Mike swallows and says, "Baby," and tugs at the end of Tina's shirt. She gets the hint and pulls back enough so that Mike has enough room to reach between them and pull down the zipper of Tina's corset style shirt (Mike told her that morning that he loves this shirt on her because it makes her breasts look even better than they already are. And Mike completely loves her chest.) He then undoes her bra, throws both items behind him, little regard to where they end up.
Tina lightly laughs when she sees that's he's knocked over his desk lamp, but then he starts trailing light kisses all over her chest and she doesn't even care. She feels him pull a nipple into his mouth and she completely writhes in his lap while running her fingers through his hair and over his scalp. She hears him grunt and tug a little harder on her nipple and she swears she's about to lose it. Tina lightly scratches his back with her finger nails. Her eyes are closed and she feels Mike’s hands moving beneath her skirt and before she even realizes what’s going on, she hears this loud ripping. Tina looks down and sees that her lace pattern tights are in shreds around Mike’s waist.
“Mike,” Tina whines, for a completely different reason this time. “Third pair in a month.”
“Fuck, baby, sorry,” he says quickly and the lightly places sloppy kisses on her neck. “I’ll buy you some new ones, but right now, they’re just in the way.”
She feels his hands tearing them and throwing them down on the floor around them. She won’t lie, the fact that he’s literally ripping her tights to shreds because he wants her that much is fantastic, so she gives a little shrug and helps him rip off whatever was left behind until her legs are bare and the only thing left under her skirt is a pair of her favorite boyshorts underwear.


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